Protect your dental hygiene with a good and safe range of oral products.

Full Range
Oral Care Products

We produce high quality oral care products for the hygiene and protection of the teeth and gums. With a broad palette of products, we offer products to meet every need and demand of our clients. All our formulations are developed originally in our own laboratory and are entirely the innovation of our experts. In keeping up with the rapid scientific developments of the industry, we constantly expand our expertise and technology to meet the demands of the consumers’ oral health.


We offer full customisation ranging from the toothbrush handle, bristle to packaging, making the best for the essential of your customers’ oral hygiene care.


Functional and R&D backed, our toothpaste selection encompasses a selection of flavours and types that meet safe global toothpaste regulatory requirements.

Mouthwash & Breathspray

Complete your oral care range with our fresh and antibacterial mouthwash and breath spray, and keep your customers clean and confident.

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Oral Care Products

Leveraging from our in-house R&D team, we are highly capable in offering a range of innovative green solutions under our GREENTECHTM range. The emergence of GREENTECHTM is to benefit the people by offering our business affiliates and the end-consumers better eco-friendly solutions that in turn allows the community as a whole to enjoy a better environment.

For The Environment & For The People

With Research & Development, we ensure our products are

Incorporating GREENTECHTM, we are able to provide the market with alternative oral care brands like Dentra. Supplying consumers with all-natural oral care products with no harmful chemicals, using plastic alternatives, and with innovative design. Giving consumers the healthy and natural oral care that they deserve.

With GREENTECHTM, our sustainable green solutions ensure that mother nature is on your side.

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